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    • Virtual World Tower Management

      Virtual World Tower Management


      delivered by Aerolens and SiteSee. World leaders in complex data acquisition working with world experts in data interpretation. Aerolens is a world leader in photogrammetric data acquisition of complex infrastructure. Using the latest drone technology, specialised software and optimised data capture techniques, assets can be digitised and deconstructed into individual components for maintenance planning, asset inspection and optimisation. Aerolens has the experience and capability to expand...

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    • A World-First Data Capture System

      A World-First Data Capture System


      Virtual World Tower Management is a service for tower owners who care about maximising tower utilisation Virtual World Tower Management uses drones to capture high-resolution images of a tower and form a 3D model. Using a patented flight pattern, global drone operator Aerolens, captures thousands of photos of a tower with billions of geo tags to create a highly detailed virtual world of your tower environment. Inspect the details of your asset to the millimetre and manipulate your model to...

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    • A Birds Eye View with the Aerolens Group

      A Birds Eye View with the Aerolens Group


      Aerolens featured on Surf Stitch website! Originally posted Thursday, 30 June 2016 So Tom – why don’t we kick this off with you telling us a little about where the idea for Aerolens came from, and tell us a little about the day you decided “I’m actually going to do this”. I think the Aerolens concept came from spending many years as a pilot viewing the world from above. I always had my camera at the ready and had a passion for photography. As new technology emerged it became possible to get some really...

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